Creekside Bible Church

My wife and I began attending Creekside Bible Church in Castle Rock, Colorado in 2014. Not only had the site not been updated visually in years, but it had never been optimized to look good on a smartphone. Knowing that people viewing websites from their phones was trending at the time, I knew that something had to be done. I approached the pastors and offered to update the site and the rest is history.

The areas of focus:

  1. Responsive design template that looked good on a mobile phone
  2. Visitor focused content up front
  3. Member focused content available
  4. Enhance functionality of the Podcast
  5. Move the site content into a modern CMS format for easy updating

The site was moved from a proprietary third-party content management system to WordPress. A visually appealing responsible template was used for ease of viewing on all platforms and screen sizes. Content that visitors and prospective members cared about was moved to the top of the menu and grouped together in one place. Content that current members visited the site to view continued to be readily available. The Podcast was updated to include the ability to sort by date, speaker, sermon series, and/or topic, and nice sermon series graphics added.

The following year, I was asked to update the logo. Three options were provided to the church leadership to help to get the conversation started, and one of those initial logos was chosen.

Working with the leadership of Creekside was and is truly a blessing, and I look forward to what lies ahead!